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San Bernardino State Women's Soccer
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CSUSB Women's Soccer Camp

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ID Camp  |  Saturday, November 18th
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The purpose of the CSUSB Women's Soccer Camp is to create a positive atmosphere in which each player can develop the self confidence, self motivation and self discipline needed to reach her potential. It is also one of the best avenues to get exposure to top level NCAA coaches for all Division's (I, II, III, NAIA and Jr. College).
Our experienced staff will provide personalized instruction in every phase of soccer, with special emphasis placed on proper technique under the pressure of an opponent.
Tactical group concepts will be introduced or reviewed appropriately based on camper skill level and age. Learning is achieved through small sided games and one of our goals is to not only teach the game but to develop a passion for the game of soccer. We are extremely confident that each player will not only be challenged by our curriculum but have fun and develop friendships with the coaching staff and their fellow players.
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CSUSB Institutional Camp
The CSUSB Women's Soccer Camp has featured some of the Southland's top collegiate coaches from the following programs: